CNC Injection Molding

Our Work

We have helped to design, CNC and injection mold products in several industries and are expanding quickly. Currently, our team has helped to develop products in the irrigation, medical, electrical, automotive, ski and snowboard, hospitality and food service, pet, toy, mountain biking, construction, lighting, HVAC, recreation, computer and technology, craft industries.

About Aspen Earth

Aspen Earth launched its first product into the market place in March of 1986. In January of 2018, Tyler Lyon and Jeff Turner purchased the assets of the sprinkler part manufacturing company. Shortly after the purchase, Brenda Siegel joined the team as its third partner. With Tyler’s machining capabilities, Jeff’s business knowledge and Brenda’s accounting skills we have taken this sprinkler fittings company and developed it into a shop that creates custom tools for new and existing injection molding needs covering multiple industries.

In our first year of owning the company, we have expanded the sprinkler division. Realizing the seasonal demand of sprinkler fittings, we diversified our portfolio of customers and products now include manufactured parts for medical, electrical, battery, food service, wakeboarding, kiteboarding, surfing, automotive and the ski and snowboard industries. The ability to design and machine custom parts while maintaining competitive pricing has allowed us to carve a unique position in the injection molding industry. Aspen Earth has doubled its size during 2018 and estimates based upon current products and customer inquiry that we will double in size again in 2019.

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Please feel free to contact us with any questions in regard to sprinkler part pricing or custom packaging.

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